Thursday, June 22, 2017

A 1917 Bolshevik leaflet modified to fit our current state of affairs in America


America is experiencing difficult trials. The War of Terror, which has carried off millions of victims, continues. Bankers are intentionally prolonging it, because they're making a fortune off the war.

The government obviously has fallen under the influence of the aristocracy. Meanwhile, economic devastation keeps getting worse and no measures are taken against it. The war keeps going on, and no actual measures are taken to end it.

Is it really any surprise that fascism has prospered in the midst of widespread suffering?

Comrades! It's impossible to endure such things in silence anymore. It is a crime to keep silent after all this! We have the right to protest and we should avail ourselves of this right before it is too late.

We will make our needs and wishes known!

We will make the enemies of true freedom afraid!

Let our call fly round all America today to the joy of all those who are oppressed!

Soldiers! Hold out your hands to workers and support their just demands. The strength of the revolution is in the union of soldiers and workers.

Everyone into the streets, comrades! March on the streets of the capital. State your wishes confidently, as befits the strong:

Down with the Trump administration!

Down with the rightists in Congress!

Down with the rightists in the Supreme Court!

All power to workers!

End the war!

Peace! True freedom!