Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Revolution Then and Now

One hundred years ago, in February 1917, the Bolshevik Petersburg Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party issued a proclamation titled "For a provisional revolutionary government of workers and poor peasants." I found it very relevant to our present political crisis in America. I made some changes to it so that it actually does fit our present crisis. Hope you like. :)


The ruling class has tightened the noose which they hung around the neck of the people of America. Fifty million Americans are poor. The healthiest young of the people have been maimed or killed in the War of Terror. Unemployment is high, and there is hunger.

More than a million people have lost their lives during the war, which has increased the profits of those with power in this world. What an unprecedented crime! Shame on those who supported and continue to support these wars! We, the workers, who spill our blood for a cause alien to us, face a great and difficult duty – to put an end to this crime!

And what does the ruling class do? During this century, have we heard even a weak voice of reason from those who dispose over the fate of the people whom they oppress? Since the very beginning of the war, the ruling class has cried out for America's economy to flourish. Yet behind their dishonest rhetoric, they ruined the economy by putting it at the mercy of criminal bankers.

Democratic and Republican politicians gladly dress up in front of the people as resolute warriors for the people's cause, but they conceal their actual intentions. Comrades, they come running to offer assistance, so that you would allow them to surrender the country more fully to further plunder and to endlessly wage their War of Terror. They do not speak about this directly to us, but it is their fondest dream.

We know what the fine words of Democrats mean when they shout their dissatisfaction with the current government. From their tongues slip resolute phrases about taking power, depending on the organized people for support, yet they say not a word about war. We fully understand that only the mighty blow of revolution will put a stop to the harassment of the people and to their ordeal.

We should tell them: "All our efforts are directed against you and the extreme right-wing government your failures produced. You say you want to struggle against them, but it is only the Republicans who allow you to present yourselves as allies of the working class.”

We are for a true republic, which will put power into the hands of workers. We are against the greed of each nation's ruling class, who divide up the world and inflict deep wounds upon it. We are for the international solidarity of workers, which will bring peace and happiness to the people.

Down with plutocracy! War on war! Long live the proletariat!